‘Reinventing Rockwell and Beyond’ reception


Aug. 30, 2023

 CONTACT: Emily Thurlow



Senator Paul Mark announces reception for Award-Winning Exhibition
 ‘Reinventing Rockwell and Beyond’ by Pops Peterson

BOSTON — Senator Paul Mark is thrilled to announce the reception for the exhibition, “Reinventing Rockwell and Beyond,” by Berkshire-based artist Pops Peterson. The exhibit opened in June in the gallery of the Senate Lobby and Senate Room 428 of the State House and will be running into October. This collection of artwork, previously showcased at the Norman Rockwell Museum where it became the museum’s longest-running solo exhibition, has captivated audiences with its fresh and inclusive interpretations of the iconic Rockwell masterpieces. The pieces of this exhibit can also be viewed at popspeterson.com/copy-of-gallery.

The reception will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 2:30 p.m. Refreshments will be provided, and Senator Mark will provide a brief introduction for the artist, and attendees will also be able to hear from Peterson.

Peterson’s talent has garnered significant attention from esteemed media outlets such as The New York Times, Boston Globe, CBS, PBS, and more. His contributions to the art world extend beyond his awe-inspiring creations, as he has been recognized as the Artist in Residence for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and was presented with an award from the Fair Housing and Civil Rights Conference. Moreover, Peterson’s impactful work with the Massachusetts Office on Disability earned a commendation from Gov. Charles D. Baker. Despite being labeled a “Protest Artist” in the press, Peterson asserts that his intention as an artist is to “inspire, provoke, and delight” audiences through his artistry.

Peterson’s work has garnered widespread acclaim for its innovative approach and ability to breathe new life into beloved American masterpieces. The Massachusetts Senate is honored to present this version of the exhibition, which will feature all the captivating pieces displayed at the Rockwell Museum, along with 10 additional never-before-seen works. Notably, several pieces showcase models who originally posed for Norman Rockwell, collaboratively recreating his cherished pictures under Peterson’s discerning eye.

Visitors to the exhibition have had the unique opportunity to delve deeper into the artistic process and gain insights into Peterson’s creative vision. Each canvas has been equipped with a QR code, enabling attendees to access videos where Peterson personally shares the background and inspiration behind each painting, as well as showing the models, studios and locations used. To fully enjoy these enriching videos, we encourage visitors to bring their personal headsets.

Art enthusiasts, Rockwell fans, and all individuals who appreciate the power of creativity are invited to join us at the Massachusetts State House in the Senate Gallery at the reception for the groundbreaking exhibition “Reinventing Rockwell and Beyond.” Experience the transformative vision of Pops Peterson and witness the magic that unfolds when tradition meets innovation.

Pops Peterson can be available for interviews by Zoom or in person. To schedule any interviews, email Peterson at pops@popspeterson.com. 

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